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About Christ Family Church

Experience the Difference

Our Vision is to build a church without walls that empowers believers to fulfill their highest calling in God in every area of life!



A Christian community will change your life. There’s nothing like it when it’s done well. Every Christian should be plugged into a community in order to help you when you are down, build you up, be a shoulder to cry on, celebrate alongside you, and answer your questions about The Bible and God.


Church is so much more than a building you walk into. It’s a place where you can belong. Our passion is to help you discover, and live, the abundant life that God has for you. Meaningful Community. Fun for the Whole Family.



Here at Christ Family Church, you discover your dominion power in Christ through Faith, and learn how to live according to The Gospel of the Kingdom, independent of this world’s system.



Our church is a unique channel of cultural influence. Few other institutions draw participants from so many areas of society.


When Christians embrace the common goals of both redeeming cultures and individual souls, the possibilities for positive cultural influence dramatically increase

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