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Welcome to Christ Family Church!

Join Us the Last Sunday of Every Month
Online or in Person @ 11:00 AM

Welcome to
Christ Family Church!

Our Mission is to impact our community, with faith, our culture, the Great Commission, and The Gospel of The Kingdom. We teach believers about their true identity and their authority and inheritance in Christ Jesus.

We hope to see you at one of our services!

Experience the Difference!

Here at Christ Family Church we want to help you live victorious!

Come receive your healing!


Two of the greatest emphases of C.F.C. ministry are the importance of the written Word, and the necessity of being led by The Spirit of God.

None of us are as smart as all of us together.


Believe in your purpose!

When we come into the Kingdom of God we do a full turnaround! When you release God’s Word in faith, you release the Power of God. When you release The Power of God you release Heaven’s Angels! - Hebrews 1:13

Equipping children so they can fulfill their God-given Destiny!

For kids of all ages.

Teaching our youth about the 3 E's: Engage, Equip, and Empower! For middle school through high school.

For young adults 17 - 24 to learn about the Kingdom.


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